Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Project #1

In the first work of the semester, the graduate students introduced themselves to me and to a certain extent to one another by way of bringing in an object/tool that represented some aspect of their expertise or understanding in the field(s) of their undergraduate studies. (Note: The bridge studio is comprised of students with backgrounds in 'non-architectural' degrees. Example: public relations, biology, marine biology, history, marketing/planning, etc.)
To foster an interdisciplinary studio atmosphere, each graduate each designer was charged with the task of creating a hybrid of two tools/machines/objects, or perhaps an entirely new product of their combinations. (This required considerations of how, for example, marketing and biology could have a joint impact on architectural thinking.) The additives of the exercise were not constrained by scale but were to be in accordance with the ideas of the objects as presented by their studio-mates. The design of the product had to be of some intimate proportion to the human body, relate to the suggested advancements within a proposed archetype, include their previous field of interest, and fuse the two entities into a provocative union where their original identities may be perceived yet their new ones were profoundly inciting.
After each graduate had designed a uniquely fashionable product, they tried to create a desire for the design by way of advertisements.
Create two (2) print ads to fit the pages of Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Blueprint, , AU etc. Each print ad may be 1-4 pages in length. One (1) ad must use the elevation and perspective you’ve created. The other (1) must use the elevation and perspective created by the studio-mate whose object you have used.

Create one (1) thirty-second motion picture/commercial. Use any stills, video footage, animation, scans, audio, etc. to create a sense of want along with other appropriate emotions that are to be expressed through your design. The motion picture must use both of your drawings from part I. The prints and video must reinforce the same theme.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Yes, it is provochitecture week. Don't ask me what it is... decide for yourself and celebrate by sharing your ideas about architecture, design, and all that is provocative here on this site. Provochitecture week should/will continue beyond this week, but it seems like a timeframe ought to be given otherwise, nobody has a sense of urgency and everybody continues to carry out their "design" work as a kind of tedious assignment hoping to cause little debate and yield few critiques.
Send me your comments, examples of work to be shared, and links to other sites that might help communicate what you are thinking. I want everybody in the School of Architecture or should I say, "The FASOD of UNLV?" to post comments on this page! Not just to 'feel free to post something...' I want you to actually do it!
If the ball doesn't get rolling after I announce the page, the work of the bridge studio will be posted shortly after, and people ought to send in their comments. Please stay in touch by subscribing to the blog. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


to be used in the architecture studios....